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To set the atmosphere for praise and worship and to ushers in the presence of the Holy Spirit as we enter into worship. To minister not only to the congregation, but outside the walls of the church.

What Can I Expect?
Choirs Ministry

To exalt God by utilizing our musical gift to sing His praises and tell of His salvation, goodness and love through songs. Our goal is that our songs are pleasing to God, and that they will mellow the hearts of the unsaved


   *Adult/Mass Choirs/Praise Teams: Tiffany Allison


Audio/Video Ministry

This ministry ensures that all praise and worship services, concerts, and other special programs are properly monitored for sound and provides reinforcement of the Word of God by way of audio and video media.

To provide a personal touch and minister to the sick & shut-in of the Jerusalem Church Family.

   *Audio: Michael Smith Jr. and Rawlyn Cook

   *Video: Kevin Jackson, LeDair Wallace and Elijah Sanders


Music Ministry

The Music Ministry spreads the Word of God through music experiences. Everything that is done will be done for the Glory of God; decently, with order and structure. The Music Ministry works closely with the Choir Ministry to provide lyrics for worship songs that you may freely participate in worship.

   *Musicians: Art Barnes, Deacon Charles Stevenson Mathis

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