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The mission of Christian Arts Ministries is to inspire, disciple and enable Christian musicians, actors, writers, dancers, directors and designers to use their creative and artistic abilities to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by utilizing the power of high quality drama, musical theater, and choral music.

What Can I Expect?
Jerusalem Dance/Mine Ministry

To provide opportunity for Christians to exercise their musical and artistic abilities and crafts, and further develop those God-given talents for even greater use in the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To spread the gospel through our feet and the ministry of movement (dance, mime, step and signing).

Ministry Scripture Reference: “Let them praise his name in the dance…” – Psalms 149:3a


   *Dance/Mime Ministry: Tiffany Allison

Jerusalem Performing Arts Ministry

The Drama Ministry seeks to share the story and love of Christ through the arts. The Drama ministry does several presentations throughout the year. Children and adults alike are encouraged to express their love of Christ through acting.

To create, produce and perform Christian musical and theatrical productions and concerts that communicate biblical truth, share the Gospel of saving faith through Jesus Christ, and inspire people to Biblical living.


   *Drama/Theatrical Ministry: Bruce Allison and Tina Foreman

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