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A Light Set on a Hill

church history


Written By Bro. Bruce Allison

Jerusalem Missionary Baptist, a light God set on a hill.

Let me share some history, with a purpose to fulfill.


And as I share with you these things and our history unfolds.

It is all by God’s amazing grace but I’m sure you already know.


Organized December 19th 0f 46 God called a spirit filled man with a vision.

But Pastor Robert T.  Harris was just a vessel; he knew God would make provisions.


A building was bought at 810 East Tusc. in February ‘58.

And it was at that location the fellowship declared Jesus very great.


Yes, many souls were saved those days, then Pastor Harris was called home.

Then the Lord sent Lonnie Simon whose love for God was well known.


Under Lonnie Simon’s leadership many hearts for the Lord were won.

The next Pastor to be called was Billy Robinson.


A sudden tragedy would come when the building was destroyed by fire.

It was a test of faithfulness and we praised God even higher.


The Lord sent Mt. Calvary Second Baptist Church, the church just down the way.

They provided us with a place to fellowship, worship God and pray.


Up from the ashes, spiritual battles, and led by Jesus our master.

Then in August of ‘65 Harold Hopkins was sent to Pastor.


He focused us on bible study, with more hearts to win.

And more tests were soon to come we had a fire again.


The Lord Jesus is so gracious, merciful and kind.

Members rallied to remodel with love for God in hearts and mind.


A van was later purchased a dream, which had come true.

Pastor Hopkins 10 years ended with what God had sent him to do.


In May of 1976 Pastor Roy B. Henry was called.

And in August of 1976 Pastor Henry was installed.


The Jerusalem church mortgage was burned in 1977.

Rejoicing was heard from near and far and sure was heard heaven.


The Lord sent Edward E. Kirtdoll, he was a gifted preacher.

I think I’ll even go further than that, he was a wonderful teacher.


Under Pastor Kirtdoll’s leadership and it lasted 16 years.

There was plenty of spiritual growth, love, kindness and also tears.


The Lord allowed our church to prosper and grow continually stronger.

And I’ll tell you of this date no Pastor has served longer.


Then the Lord called to Pastor in November ‘98.

Corey D. Johnson a teaching preacher from the Tennessee state.


With Corey D. Johnson’s love for teaching the fellowship grew more and more

And with Lott Carey ministries we had greater love for the poor.


When Pastor Johnson left our church some despair was often found.

But the Lord said don’t you dare be sad I’m sending Dwayne E. Brown.


With the Lord’s spirit in Pastor Brown’s heart to challenge us for mission.

And to love the Lord with all our hearts is there a greater vision.


When Pastor Brown decided to leave many eyes were filled with tears.

But the Lord sent Rev. Henry M. Billingsley and he sent him within a year.


Rev. Billingsley teaches love for church and to go the extra mile.

A food and clothing ministry and love for each other just turn to your neighbor and smile.


Under Rev. Billingsley we paid off a debt of over 70 thousand dollars.

We praise Jesus for this and His amazing grace, it just makes you want to holler.


As we went in prayer for another Pastor, we thought it would be hard.

But all things with God are possible we were blessed with Kennedy Dennard


A man from Alabama who loves his wife and family with pride.

Even if you like Ohio State you gotta say "Roll Tide".


He brought an excitement and joy for Jesus, and I can tell you this one thing.

He preached to apply God's word to your heart and he sure did love to sing.


We have a new ramp, parking lot, carpet, windows and a new 501c3.

And each year we have “Jerusalem Gives Back Day” for our community.

A world pandemic in 2020 affected all churches, Jerusalem too.

So, Jerusalem shut its doors for safety, knowing it was the right thing to do.


The pandemic brought many challenges, but it helped us more to pray.

Then Pastor Dennard announced he had to leave for a special mission without delay.


Still, we knew we had to lift up Jesus for the many blessings he had brought.

So, for first time in our history, we moved worship to the parking lot.


What a joy it was to see all the cars with Christians blowing their horns.

Yes, we had to praise Jesus more and more it was not a time to mourn.


In 2021 Jerusalem reopened its doors with safety measures in place.

It was only Jesus that had kept us together by his amazing grace


God blessed us with new pulpit furniture, yes something that had to be.

And he blessed us with a new steaming system for all the world could see.


We ask God for a new pastor that knows Jesus as the only Light.

God chose Michael Todd Brown to guide us, and he is affectionately called Pastor Mike.


Jerusalem Missionary Baptist with more purpose to fulfill.

Of praising, loving, and lifting Jesus Christ, God’s light set on a hill.

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