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volunteer MINISTRIES

Volunteers are special people.  Each one has their own responsibilities, families, and things that take up their time but yet they volunteer some of that time to contribute to their church ministries groups.  Never take them for granted.  See what their contribution can help you accomplish for the Lord!

What Can I Expect?
Greeting/Wellness Ministry

Usher/Greeter Ministry

To be a reflection of God’s love and with God’s help to serve our church and our Pastor by showing Christianity, courtesy, promptness and discipline at all times.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry 

To provide supplementary support to the Pastor and his family spiritually, personally and professionally.  To lead the congregation in fulfilling the Biblical responsibilities of providing for the Pastor and to aid him that he may faithfully and effectively fulfill his pastoral responsibilities.

Health Ministry

To serve the Pastor, church and community by providing aid and protection to those in need. It is our goal to do outreach within the community while serving the needs of the church body.

*All members must have CPR and First Aid Training*

   *Usher Ministry: 

   *Hospitality/Pastor’s Aid: Joanne McPherson

   *Health Ministry: Mary Jones

Decoration/Cleaning Ministry

Our mission is to enhance the physical needs of the church by providing consistent, thorough cleaning of the interior areas of the church. The purpose of the Cleaning Ministry is to come to church once a week and pick up after services and keep our church well maintained so visitors have a pleasant experience. Colossians 3:17 says, "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." Even in something as "unglamorous" as cleaning the church we bring God glory if we are doing it in his name!

   *Operations: Bennie Miles, Clifford Jordan

   *Church Cleaning: Chyvonne Minor

   *Decoration Mininstry: Ravene Allison and Tina Foreman


Jerusalem Visitation/Transportation Ministry


To provide a personal touch and minister through calls, cards, prayer and offering communion to ensure that members continue to feel part of Greater Progressive – even during seasons of illness or life changes that prevent them from worshiping with their church family. To share the love of God and the hope of healing, based on the Christian faith.

Transportation- To provide outreach that enables anyone with a desire to be disciple and continue to mature in Christ through regular exposure to worship and the word. To increase the opportunities for individuals, particularly those with limited access to personal transportation, to regularly attend church.

   *Hospitality Visit Service: Kevin Jackson, Art Barns, George Hogan and Jeff Foreman

   *Pastoral Visits: Min. Lester Sanders

   *First Sunday Communion: Deacons

   *Church Van Pick Ups: Deacon Charles Stevenson Mathis

Jerusalem Food Service Ministry

To assist the church and leadership for special events by catering to the whole man, including the basic physical need for sustenance. The Kitchen Ministry will assist the church by working with staff or event committees to provide refreshments or meals prepared and served with volunteers who are adequately trained in areas including safety and sanitation.


   *​Kitchen Ministry: Ronda Mathis

Jerusalem Trustees & Deacon Ministry

The Trustee Ministry

Manages the material possessions and oversees the financial matters of the church with spiritual sensitivity. The church's physical property, financial obligations and all other assets are the responsibility of the Trustee Ministry. Trustees enable the execution of God’s mission through stewardship and individual spiritual gifts. Acting as one body, the Trustees provide direction, leadership, facilities, processes, capability and capacity to help further God’s word.



The Deacon Ministry demonstrates spiritual leadership by serving the Pastor and congregation; and, by supporting the pastoral vision through evangelism, stewardship and discipleship. The ministry promotes harmony among - and encourages support from - the congregation. Spiritual growth of the overall membership is a priority. Sick and shut-in visitations, ongoing membership interaction, new member intake and orientation, baptismal arrangements and communion service are some of the responsibilities conducted by the spiritual supporters of the congregation and Pastor.

   *Trustees: Bruce Allison, Rawlyn Cook, Carol Dickey, Margo Jackson, Monica Miles and Linda Wiggins

   *Deacons: Jeff Foreman, George Hogan and Charles Stevenson Mathis

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