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Job Description

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Date Posted: 03/01/2021

Job Title: Lead Pastor

Denominations: Baptist

Church Size: 50 - 100

Job Type: Full-Time

Classification: Salaried, Full-Time, Pastoral

Reports To: Church Executive Board

Job Overview

Pastor who will serve as spiritual leader and overseer of the church; and demonstrate the qualities of 1st Timothy 3: 1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. The congregation currently consists of approximately 60 members.

Basic Personal Responsibilities

• Conducts themselves in such a manner that models authentic Christianity by maintaining a consistent relationship with the     Lord and maintaining stable mental and emotional well-being.

• Demonstrates care and concern towards fellow workers, members of the congregation and the community and                       demonstrates a servant’s attitude.

• Endorses and displays support of the church’s mission, vision, values, and operating principles.


• Be a follower of Christ and agree with the Church’s mission statement and essential beliefs.

• Must be a licensed, ordained Minister that has received the Divine calling and has demonstrated the commitment to the         call.

• Must have a clear understanding of the Baptist Doctrine and Articles of Faith.

• Be an effective Bible teacher/preacher.

• Seminary degree preferred; college degree with training in some aspect of administration, education, or ministry, or               equivalent training and/or experience.

• Gifted in leadership, teaching, or shepherding and able to administrate.

• Ability to lead and develop leaders and teams.

• Willing to work with all age groups with particular interest in spiritual growth and development of our children, youth, and     adults.

• Provide generational missions to all age groups.

• Focus on both reached and unreached people/groups in our local community.

• Demonstrate the ability to cultivate relationships and rally others around ministry vision and goals.

• Demonstrate commitment to further religious training.

• Ability to preach, baptize, lead in the sacraments, and counsel those in need.

Position Responsibilities

“Face” to the Community - primary representative of our church to community

• Become “one of” the community you serve - engrained into the fabric of our community.

• Intentionally build relationships with people, places, and organizations within our community.

• Find ways to bring “good news” to our community.

• Find ways to bless and collaborate with key community leaders.

• Start or help to start new missional communities for gospel saturation within our community.

Key Leadership Developer

• Regularly meet one-on-one with directors and leaders to encourage, facilitate community, and cast vision.

• Provide training and retreat opportunities for directors, church leaders, and yourself.

• Assist directors and leaders with creating group culture, nurturing growth of group members, evaluating group health, and     assisting with group multiplication.

• Plan and execute events for the purpose of connecting attendees and members.

• Provide regular communication to directors and leaders.

• Provide regular communication to the church body online and through Sunday morning formats.

• Provide encouragement, personal care, and support to leadership team members.

• Provide vision and direction to the leadership teams as they develop goals and plans.

• Serve as a sounding board for leadership and ministerial decisions.

• Assist in establishing ministry goals, providing feedback, and reviewing goals annually.

Jerusalem offers a salary and benefit package that is competitive and aligned with the community’s market conditions.  An Authorization for Background Check and Sexual Misconduct Certification will be required before any offer will be officially extended.

The pastoral search committee will acknowledge receipt of all resumes and all information presented will be treated as confidential. Upon screening, all eligible candidates will be required to submit a completed application, verification documents and worship service DVD, if available.

Please apply be visiting:

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